Accumulation of Wealth | Wealth Preservation | Leaving a Legacy

Our list of “services” sounds like other firms. However, we are different. The process and advice are different. The experience of working with us feels different. Our core mission is to be “smart” and deliver excellent wealth management strategies. However, how we integrate the traditional functional areas within financial planning is different.

Accumulation of Wealth

Before you invest with us, we invest a significant amount of time in you. Our initial meeting with you is not a sales meeting. It is the beginning of a partnership where we ask questions and listen carefully to your answers. We want to learn about your values, lifestyle, family, goals and time horizons. Only then can we craft an investment strategy that conforms to your needs, instead of the other way around. Helping you achieve success on your terms is how we view the practice of wealth accumulation.

This requires an experienced and innovative team of professionals to design and implement comprehensive wealth management strategies to help you reach your goals. Crafting a long-term investment plan, planning a legacy, saving for retirement and properly minimizing the impact of taxes are all part of a sound and successful wealth accumulation plan. Our professionals will also monitor your wealth management plan for ongoing changes in your family's situation, the economic environment, tax laws, and all other areas that affect the accumulation and preservation of wealth.

Fountainhead Capital Group offers the wealth management and financial planning expertise needed to plan for your professional future, the security of your family, and the legacy for your future.
  • Comprehensive asset allocation
  • Long-term investment management
  • Annual cash flow planning and debt management
  • Stock option and executive compensation strategies
  • Insurance Advisory Services

Wealth Preservation

We all dream of a rewarding retirement. Ensuring that your hard-earned wealth is preserved to go the distance is our focus. We can help you assess overall risk in your portfolio, define an appropriate investment strategy to meet your goals, understand your immediate and near-term income requirements, and review sophisticated income and estate tax planning to help maintain your wealth.

But agility is equally paramount. When change occurs – whether in your life or in the market – your advisory team must be prepared to ensure stability while preserving the way you want to live. With Fountainhead Capital, you’ll have access to our best-in-industry advice and tools for preserving wealth. We take a holisitic approach to wealth preservation with the flexibility to maintain a firm financial footing throughout your lifetime. In addition, we partner with your other advisors – attorneys, accountants, insurance brokers - as we craft solutions specifically for you.

  • Family Wealth Preservation
  • Asset and Investment Management
  • Retirement Lifestyle Planning
  • Concierge Services for Executives

Leaving a Legacy

At Fountainhead Capital, we understand that the accumulation, growth and preservation of wealth from generation to generation is an important part of your vision. Time and taxes will erode even the greatest fortunes without the right investment and inheritance plans in place. But the planning required can be complex and the choices intensely personal.

Whether your legacy is the evolution of family wealth across generations or the desire to give to a charitable cause, defining and shaping your legacy involves often complex challenges. Fountainhead Capital can provide guidance and management through the process with clarity and expertise.

  • Estate Planning
  • Charitable Giving Strategies
  • Multi-generational Wealth Transfer Strategies

We understand your desire to leave a legacy – to take care of your family generation after generation. We share your goals, and craft a plan to manage your wealth in a way that drives growth and protection aligned to your values.

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